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Blacksburg, Virginia. Virginia Tech. Moss Arts Center. List of Objects and Values multi speaker sound installation. SoundScapes group sound art exhibition. Curated by Stephen Vitiello.

St. Augustine, Florida. Flagler College. Crisp Ellert Art Museum.  Four Channels. Solo exhibition featuring objects and multi speaker sound installation. Curated by Julie Dickover. Additional collaboration with GTM Research Reserve.

St. Augustine, Florida.  GTM Research Reserve Education Museum. Night Marshes video installation featuring site specific field recordings from GTM at night,  still images from Dr. Michael A. Shirley, Ph.D.


Sokowosko, Poland. Open Air.  Multi speaker sound recordings of breath, multiple curtains made from medical gauze. Curated by Sanatorium of Sound Festival, and AIR Residency.

Philadelphia. Arthur Ross Gallery, University of Pennsylvania.  Untitled sound composition for Landscape / Soundscape. Curated by Heather Gibson Moqtaderi, Associate Curator & Collections Manager for the University Art Collection, with Collaborative Curator of Sound Eugene Lew.

NYC, NY. Lists of Objects and Values (2015) -layered voices from found recordings/headphones. Sound Positions,  CONTEXT NY. Curated by Christoph Cox. 

NYC, NY. The Museum of Arts and Design (Mad)  Atmosphere for Enjoyment: Harry Bertoia's Environment for Sound exhibit. Excerpt of Sonambient Pavilion sound piece/headphones. Curated by Shannon Stratton.


Chicago, IL. Sonambient Pavilion multi-speaker installation at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park. Commissioned by Experimental Sound Studio in partnership with the Chicago Architecture Biennial. Funded by the Graham Foundation, New Music USA, Leslie Bodenstein & Jason Pickleman.



Lake Forest, IL.  War of the Ghosts video triptych, small monitors and speakers. Lapsus Undone exhibition at Sonnenschein Gallery of the Durand Art Institute, Lake Forest College. Curated by Leah Alexopoulis.



Chicago, IL. Pritzker Pavillion. Laughter and Tears. collaborative multi-speaker installation with Lou Mallozzi, Joseph C. Mills.



London, England. Tate Modern Expanded Cinema: Activating the Space of Reception. Screening ofUntitled video/sound collaboration with Sandra Leah Gibson and Luis Recoder.



Chicago, IL. Chicago Humanities Festival, Pritzker Pavillion. Train Time collaborative multispeaker installation with Shawn Decker, Ryan Ingebritsen, Lou Mallozzi.

Brooklyn, NY. MATA Young Composers Now festival. Angry in Your Sleep multispeaker Installation. Presented by Diapason Gallery.



NYC, NY. Diapason Gallery. Angry in Your Sleep  multispeaker installation. Curated by Michael J. Schumacher.



Turin Italy, Winter Olympics. Heave To Multiple Speaker Installation. Curated by Charlie Morrow.

Wesleyan University, Middletown Connecticut. AREA sound installation for small speakers. Sounds Under the Lamp exhibition. Curated by Jonathan Chen



Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. A Map of Transitory Monuments. Composition/Speaker installation. The first sound artist chosen for the MCA 12X12 series. Curated by Tricia Van Eck.

NOVA Young Arts show. Open Systems speaker installation. Curated by Michael Workman/Bridge Magazine, Lou Mallozzi/ESS.



Fern Room at the Chicago Nature Conservatory. Transgenesis  four speaker installation for the Chicago Outer Ear Festival. Curated by Lou Malozzi.

The Kitchen, NYC. Untitled multi-speaker composition created for Charlie Morrow’s “Sound Cube” for the New Sound New York festival.



Betty Rhymer Gallery, School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Loam sculptural sound installation, suspended cymbals, suspended glass containers, water, iron containers. Curated by Philip Von Zweck.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago. Sunder, Unite  excerpt. Recorded collaborative work with Seth Nehil. Listening booth. Curated by Todd Carter.