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UK Tour Audiograft Festival. Solo performance for electronics and voice. Curated by Patrick Farmer and Stephen Cornford.

Paris Instants Chavirés, solo performance for electronics and voice. Curated by La Fabrique Agitee


Ojai California, The Thacher School. Dissolution multichannel performance. Curated by Gregory Haggard, The Thacher School.


Chicago, Il. Rockefeller Memorial Chapel. World premiere of 132 Ranks . Solo performance on the E.M. Skinner organ and multiple speakers inside the chapel.  Curated by Andrew Fenchel/LAMPO in partnership with The Renaissance Society, Rockefeller Memorial Chapel.

NYC, Roulette. Dissolution multichannel performance, mixed live by Jason Lescalleet. Curated by Michael J. Schumacher.

Stockholm, Sweden. Second Edition Festival. Solo performance of untitled piece for inside piano.

Curated by John Chantler.

Chapel Hill, NC. University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Department of Music. Dissolution multichannel performance. Curated by Allen L. Anderson.

Chicago, IL. Hideout. Collaborative performance with Adam Sonderberg, utilizing source sounds from the Altered States film soundtrack. Curated by Ben Baker Billington, Resonance Series.


St. Augustine, Florida. Flagler College. Dissolution multichannel performance. Curated by Julie Dickover.

Chicago, IL. Ear Taxi Festival. Premiere of Lazarus for two orchestras. Commissioned and performed by Chicago Composer’s Orchestra. Conducted by Alan Tinkham. Curated by Augusta Reed-Thomas, Stephen Burns.

Sokolowsko, Poland. Sanatorium of Sound Festival. Aberration of Light  multichannel performance. Curated by Zuzanna Fogtt.

Raleigh-Durham, NC. Moog Fest. Aberration of Lightmultichannel performance. Curated by Carson Oberg.

 Winnipeg, Ontario, Canada. Send + Receive Festival.

Dissolution multichannel performance. Curated by Crys Cole.

Chicago, IL. Arts Club of Chicago. Premiere of Calibration Circle for two pianists, two percussionists. Commissioned and performed by Yarn/Wire. Curated by Jenna Lyle, Russell Greenberg, Arts Club of Chicago.

Chicago, Il. Northwestern University. Aberration of Light  multichannel performance. Curated by Stephan Moore.

Chicago, IL. Fine Arts Building. Palace Film Fest. City Map performance for 35mm slides and four channel sound diffusion. Curated by Heather Gabel.



Stockholm, Sweden. Fylkingen Gallery. Room 40: Open Frame Festival.  Aberration of Light multiple speaker live diffusion. Curated by John Chantler, Lawrence English.

Helsingør, Denmark. Click Fest. Solo piano performance. Curated by Georg Rasmussen

NYC, NY. Amplify: Exploratory Festival. Duo concert with Maria Chavez.  Curated by Jon Abbey/Erstwhile Records.

Chicago, IL. Hideout. DRILL FEST: Wire, Ken Vandermark and Nate Wooley, Olivia Block. Curated by Wire and The Billions Corporation.



Baltimore, Maryland. Red Room, 425 E. 31st Street BaltimoreSolo performance Dissolution. Red Room performance series, curated by John Berndt.

Troy, NY. Akousma at EMPAC, curated by Louis Dufort with EMPACConcert presentation of Dissolution (multi-speaker version)

Montreal, Canada. Akousma XI, curated by Louis Dufort.Canadian Premiere of Dissolution presented/mixed live in multi speaker format. USINE C, Montréal

Basel, Switzerland. World premiere of Ten Signals for flute, clarinet, two percussionists, and electronics. Performed by Ensemble Phoenix Basel, in their program, Phoenix 1 Eclipse of Reason. Gare Du Nord

Mexico City, Mexico. World Premiere of Letter Beacon for flute, bass clarinet, two percussionists, and short wave radio.  Festival Germinal del Bosque. Curated by Rogelio Sosa

Chicago, IL. Live performance and collaborative accompaniment with the Tomeka Reid to three short silent films, curated by Penny Duff/BCH and Lou Mallozzi/ESS. Experimental Sound Studio and Black Cinema House

Chicago, IL. The Voyager Golden Record for Orchestra premiered by Chicago Composers Orchestra. Conducted by Matthew Kasper.  Performed at Saint James Cathedral for 2014 Spring Concert: Deep Listening. Curated by Brian Baxter, Randall West.

Boston, MA. Goethe Institut.  Dissolution for processed recorded voice, walkie-talkies, microcassette players, autoharp. Solo performance. Curated by Non Event, Sedimental Records.

Nantes and Paris, France. Dissolution for processed recorded voice, walkie-talkies, microcassette players, autoharp. Solo performances for the Festival Cable #7. Curated by Will Guthrie, JF Pichard at Les Instants Chavirés.

Chicago, IL. War of the Ghosts for video, recorded vocal transcriptions, walkie-talkies, microcassette players. Solo premiere performance. University of Chicago Film Studies Center. Pictures and Sounds series curated by WHPK radio, Scott Obermann, University of Chicago Film Studies.


Brooklyn, NY. Dissolution for processed recorded voice, walkie-talkies, microcassette players, autoharp. Premiere solo performance at Issue Project Room. Curated by Issue Project Room, Lawrence Kumpf.

Chicago, IL. Karren LP release event with Chicago Composers Orchestra, including three premieres:

Premiere of Numbering the Dust for large ensemble and prepared piano performed by the Chicago Composers Orchestra.

Premiere of Spirit of Sores for String Quartet performed by Chicago Composers Orchestra.

Premiere of Mirror for two percussionists performed by Chicago Composers Orchestra.

Curated by Constellation, Chicago, Frequency Series, Peter Margasak.

Boston, MA. Goethe Institut. Dissolution for processed recorded voice, walkie-talkies, microcassette players, autoharp. Solo performance. Curated by Non Event, Sedimental Records.


Brussels, Belgium. Bozar. Electronics Arts Festival. Aberration of Light: Dark Chamber Disclosure.  Live solo performance of surround sound with Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder. Curated by Xavier Garcia, Marc Jacobs.

Ghent, Belgium. Courtisane Festival. Aberration of Light: Dark Chamber Disclosure.  Live solo performance of surround sound with Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder. Curated by Stoffel Debuysere.

Krems, Austria. Konstraste Festival Aberration of Light: Dark Chamber Disclosure.  Live solo performance of surround sound. Collaboration with film projection artists Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder. Curated by Arie Altena, Nicky Assmann, Martijn van Boven, Gideon Kiers, Lucas van der Velden, Annette Wolfsberger


Brooklyn, NY. Issue Project Room. Ear Walking Woman series. The Garden live solo performance--mix and diffusion of electroacoustic composition. Curated by Lawrence Kumpf

Porto, Portugal. Serralves Foundation. Improvisation Collaboration series. Aberration of Light. Live solo performance of collaboration, and workshop with film projection artists Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder. Curated by Ricardo Matos Cabo, Pedro Rocha, Cristina Grande, Ana Cristina Vicente

NYC, NY. The Stone. Amplify Stones festival. Untitled live solo piano composition. Curated by Jon Abbey/Erstwhile Records

Toronto, ON. Toronto International Film Festival. Aberration of Light: Dark Chamber Disclosure.  Live solo performance ofsurround sound-collaboration with film projection artists Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder. Curated by Andréa Picard for the Wavelengths series

Chicago, IL. Gene Siskel Film Center. Aberration of Light: Dark Chamber Disclosure.  Live solo performance of surround sound--collaboration with film projection artists Sandra Gibson and Luis Recoder. Curated by Amy Beste for the Conversations at the Edge series,with the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s department of Film, Video, New Media, and Animation in collaboration with the Gene Siskel Film Center and the Video Data Bank

London, England. Cafe OTO. Entr’acte label showcase. Solo performance on piano, solo performance on laptop. Curated by Allon Kaye, Entr’acte.

Berlin, Germany. Certain Sundays series. Sowieso bar. Solo performance for electronics, objects, piano and lecture. Curated by Chris Heenan, Christopher Williams.

Chicago, IL. Heaven Gallery. Anaphora ensemble presents the premiere of untitled for violin and percussion. Performed by Anaphora ensemble. Curated by Sam Krahn, Sarah Rich


San Jose, California. 01SJ Biennial. Solo performance for prepared piano, mini speakers. Curated by Stephen Vitiello, Jaime Austin, ZER01

 Nijmegen, Netherlands. Extrapool. Brombron residency and performance with Thomas Lehn. Curated by Frans de Waard.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. International House of Philadelphia. Wave Currents festival. Collaborative improvised performance with Sandra Luis Gibson, and Luis Recoder. Curated by Jesse Kudler.

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Unruly Music Festival. Marcus Center for the Performing Arts. Solo electroacoustic and inside piano performance of an untitled, improvised composition Curated by Christopher Burns, Peck School of the Art, UWM.

 Chicago, Illinois. Heaven Gallery. Collaborative performances with Todd Carter, Carol Genetti, Adam Sonderberg. Curated by Todd Carter.

 Los Angeles, California. Hammer Museum, UCLA. The Little William Theater Festival of New Music. Premiere of four miniature compositions performed and curated by Chris Kallmyer, Machine Project.


New York, New York. Experimental Intermedia. Premiere of untitled composition for chamber ensemble and electronics, performed by Alejandro T. Acierto, bass clarinet;  Erica Dicker, violin; Michael Evans, percussion; Alicia Lee, clarinet; Josh Sinton, bass clarinet. Additional collaboration with film projector artists Sandra Leah Gibson and Luis Recoder. Curated by Phill Niblock

New York, New York. Ear to the Earth Festival. Biome for large improvisation ensemble (open/non-specified instrumentation). Curated by Joel Chadabe/Electronic Music Foundation, Susanna Thorpe.

Los Angeles, California. The Experimental Music Yearbook festival.  Roy O. Disney Music Hall at Calarts. Premiere of Shear for two percussionists, prepared piano, and two electronics players. Performed by Rory Cowal, piano; Corey Fogel and Colin Woodford, percussion; Casey Anderson and John Hasting, electronics. Curated by Casey Anderson and Michael Pisaro

 Seattle, Washington. Wayward Music Series. Curated by Steve Peters/Nonsequitur.

Chicago, IL. Anaphora new music series. World premiere of Stupid Afternoon for flute, clarinet, piano, violin, viola, and cello. Performed by Anaphora chamber ensemble.

Milwaukee, WI. UWM Union Theater Cinema Classics series. Original soundtrack accompaniment to Victor Sjostrom's The Wind. Curated by David Dinnell.

Chicago, IL. ESS Sunday Solos series. Solo improvised performance inside piano. Curated by Lou Mallozzi.

Chicago, IL. Empty Bottle. Collaborative electroacoustic improvised performance with Dan Burke.

 NYC, NY. The Stone. Electroacoustic performance with Adam Sonderberg. Curated by Dale Lloyd.


Venice, Italy. La Biennale di Venezia 52nd International Festival of Contemporary Music. Premiere of untitled composition for chamber ensemble and electronics performed by Alter Ego. Curated by Luca Francesconi.

Montreal and Toronto, Canada Suoni Per Il Popolo festival. Curated by Joda Clement.

Santander, Spain. SDR Muestra de Arte Sonoro festival. Solo composition and performance for prepared piano and electronics. Curated by Ilios.

Santa Fe, NM. Santa Fe International Festival of Electroacoustic Music, College of Santa Fe. Solo performance for piano and electronics. Curated by Steven Miller and the CSF Music Department.

Milwaukee, WI. Alternating Currents Festival at Woodland Pattern Books. Solo composition and collaborative performance with Carol Genetti for found objects, electronics, prepared sounds. Curated by Hal Rammel.


Chicago, IL. Collaborative electroacoustic performance with Seth Cluett, Don Malone and Adam Sonderberg. Elastic Arts. Curated by Triage.

New Haven, CT. Allowed/Aloud festival. Solo improvised performance for piano and electronics. Firehouse 12. Curated by Seth Kim-Cohen.

Chicago, IL. Chicago Sound Map festival. Stop the sound of the Big Bell for large ensemble of improvisers.  Elastic Arts. Curated by Michael Hartman, Dudley Bayne.

Rome, Italy. Sguardi Sonori festival. Solo performance for piano and electronics. Curated by Neil Leonard.

Boston, MA. Premiere of Rime and Glaze for large ensemble. Performed by Berklee College of music student ensemble. Berklee College of Music. Curated by Neil Leonard.

San Francisco, CA. Activating the Medium festival. Exploratorium. Solo performance for electronics and video. Curated by 23Five.


London, England. Institute of Contemporary Arts.” London Music Collective’s 15th annual Music Festival.” Solo performance for electronics and amplified objects.

Portland, Oregon. FO(A)RM Media Festival. Portland Arts Center. Untitled solo electroacoustic composition and performance. Curated by Seth Nehil.

Oakland, CA. Mills College of Music. Squall performed by Mills Contemporary Music Ensemble, Biome performed by Mills Improvisation Ensemble. Untitled composition for wind quintet in three movements performed by Quinteto Latino. Make The Land solo electronics piece for four speakers performed by Olivia Block. Presented as part of a residency at Mills.

Chicago, IL. Elastic Arts. Untitled solo performance for prepared piano and electronics. Curated by Adam Sonderberg, Longbox Recordings.

Milwaukee, WI. Cactus Club. Untitled solo composition for autoharp and electronics. Curated by Jon Mueller, Crouton Records.

Leuven, Belgium. Artefact Festival. Untitled solo video and sound performance piece. Curated by Dave Dreisman, Pieter-Paul Mortier.

Milwaukee, WI. Living Room Series. Solo improvised electroacoustic performance for electronics and acoustic objects, video. Curated by Jon Mueller.


Rome, Italy. Dissonanze festival. Spatialized solo live compositions for electronics, firecrackers. Curated by Edwin Van Der Heide, Giorgio Mortari.


Boston, MA. MIT Museum. Solo performance with wind ensemble and collaborative performance with Seth Nehil, Jonathan Chen, Bhob Rainey. Curated by NON, Berwick Institute.


Rotterdman, Netherlands. Women’s Xperiment>L festival (women in electronic music) festival. Live composition for recorded material, cello, viola, bass clarinet. Curated by Mariette Groot, Daniela Swarovzky.


Austin, TX. Austin Museum of Digital Art (AMODA) sponsored event at the Jones Center Art House museum. Live composition for electronics and large wind and string ensemble performed by the Austin New Music Coop and Imbroglio String Quartet. Curated by Brent Farris/AMODA.



France/Switzerland Tour.


 Denton, TX. University of North Texas. Pure Gaze for field recordings, electronics, flute, oboe, trombone. Performed by Tony Baker, trombone; James Ryon, oboe; Terri Sundberg, flute. Performance presented at the opening of visual artist, Wenda Gu’s Art from Middle Kingdom to Biological Millenium in the University of North Texas Art Gallery.

Amsterdam, Netherlands. Sonic Light festival. Live solo composition for recorded material, live electronics.


Bologna, Italy. Angelica festival. Live composition for acoustic objects, recorded material/speaker installation. Curated by Massimo Simonini.

Los Angeles, CA Beyond Music festival electroacoustic performance with Achim Wollsheid, Curated by Brandon Labelle.


Berlin, Germany, Vienna, Austria X-Tract Chicago festival. Solo performances.: Podewil Foundation. Presented by Elke Moltrecht (cancelled due to 911).

Chicago, Illinois. Outer Ear festival. Live composition for recorded material, wind, brass ensemble. Curated by Lou Mallozzi/ESS Foundation.


Japan Tour: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Kyoto. Field Studies tour. Collaborative electroacoustic performance series with Seth Nehil . Presented by Koji Tano (MSBR).


Albuquerque, New Mexico. Electroacoustic Music by Olivia Block and Francisco Lopez. Live electroacoustic performance. Nonsequitur composers series. Presented by Steve Peters.


Italy: Milan, Arrezzo, Biella, Catania, Reggio di Calabria, Rome. Solo performance tour. Untitled electroacoustic composition for field recordings, trumpet. Presented by Stefano Bianchi, Blow Up magazine, Giuseppe Ielasi.


Geneva, Switzerland. Untitled composition and solo performance of field recordings, steel container, dried leaves and objects. Festival Archipel. Presented by Marie Jenson.



Chicago, Illinois. Odum club. Mobius Fuse for field recordings, electronic material through multiple speakers, and wind ensemble. Performed by Jeb Bishop, trombone; Kyle Bruckmann, oboe; Ernst Karel, trumpet; Scott Rosenberg, saxophone; Adam Vida, percussion. Additional presenters: Fred Lonberg-Holm, Helen Mirra.



Chicago, Illinois. Pure Gaze for field recordings and wind ensemble. Premiere performance by Jeb Bishop, trombone; Kyle Bruckmann, oboe;  Mike Flake, clarinet;  Christie Vohs, bass clarinet. Hot House club.



Austin, Texas. Candy Factory. Collaborative electroacoustic performance Alial Straa performance trio with Seth Nehil and John Grzinich. Presenter: Ellen Fullman.


Austin, Texas. Alial Straa. Series of site-specific improvisation performances in underground drainage tunnels, resonant stairwells.