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Found MaterialS

Over the past few years I have collected found sounds and images dating from roughly 1950-1990. The entire collection consists of thousands of 35mm slides and around one hundred  micro cassette tapes.  The process started through a series of gifted slides, slide projectors and tapes. Eventually I searched for materials in estate sales, and through eBay.

These materials are sorted into several curated sub-groupings, including a current collection entitled City Map. 

Click here for images of layered 35mm slides

City Map

City Map preview video

The City Map collection currently manifests in the following formats and presentations:

Live performance of rear projected, layered 35mm slides and prepared surround speaker array of sounds. This performance was most recently presented at the Palace Film Fest in Chicago. 

City Map radio broadcast series (schedule TBA in Chicago on Lumpen Radio: WLPN). This series consists of four half-hour broadcasts without introduction or exposition, transmitting the sounds of voices found on several micro cassette tapes. The recordings contain fragmented conversations,  monologues, and mysterious ritualistic rehearsals. These broadcasts will only be aired once, and streamed for a very limited time period, if at all.


Lists of Objects and Values

Lists of Objects and Values is a sound installation recently featured in the Sound Positions show at CONTEXT Miami and NY. 

This sound piece is an aggregate of spoken lists of objects, prices, descriptions, and other similar items. These voices are layered into complex sound textures. All of the original edits in the micro cassette tapes are left intact, and often brought out through studio filtering techniques. Room sounds and tape hiss are also emphasized.