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Frequency Fest at Constellation

Frequency Fest starts this weekend! I am happy to be sharing the evening of Feb 18th with Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble.  Additionally, I will be presenting two pieces for voice and shortwave radio, performed by Quince and Carol Genetti. Description of these two premiere pieces is below. I will also be presenting a live mix of taped conversations and other found sounds from my collection.  Hope you can make it to the show. The entire festival program is excellent, and buying a pass is worthwhile. Thank you, Peter Margasak for curated this awesome festival.

Performed Interference

Shortwave radio and voice translation pieces by Olivia Block

1) Repeaters

For three vocalists and additional performer on shortwave radio/morse code translators

Performed by Quince vocal ensemble, Olivia Block

Live short wave broadcasts of morse code signals are typed into text by three electronic morse translators, then read aloud by three vocalists.

2) Olivia y/x

For solo vocalist and additional performer on shortwave radio/teletype interpreter

Performed by Carol Genetti, Olivia Block

Live short wave broadcasts of teletype (RTTY, Olivia MFSK) signals are translated and typed, then read aloud phonetically.

3) Untitled piece for found tapes

Solo piece performed by Olivia Block

Live mix of voices from micro cassette tapes and additional sounds. 

Later Event: February 22
Mixology at Roulette, NYC