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Sound Positions, curated by Christoph Cox, is a sound exhibition in CONTEXT NY, featuring a wonderful group of artists. The exhibition includes my piece for layered found recordings, List of Objects and Values.  

Check the times and locations on the link above.

Olivia Block, Lists of Objects and Values (2015), 11:03

This composition is constructed from a collection of 1980s and 90s microcassette recordings bought on ebay. Interested in the way people used microcassette recorders for keeping logs and documenting intimate conversations, Block noticed that many recordings resemble one another in terms of subject matter, style, and rhythm, and began looking for patterns. For this piece, she was drawn to recordings of people listing objects and monetary values. Block conceives these recordings as inadvertent expressions of what anthropologist Igor Kopytoff calls the “methodological fetishism” of things. Lists of objects become catalogs of waste during a decadent period in American history.
— Exhibition text