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Another Timbre release preview

 Preview sounds are here.

I am pleased to announce my upcoming release of piano and organ music, simply titled "Olivia Block," on Another Timbre. The release will come out this fall, in addition to releases by Jürg Frey,  the Insub Meta Orchestra (playing pieces by Cyril Bondi and Laurent D'incise Peter) + John Cage's 'Winter Music' played by John Tilbury, Philip Thomas, Mark Knoop and Catherine Laws.

This is the first recording in an ongoing investigation into piano and organ. I developed inside piano techniques during my time in rehearsal studios at Roosevelt Music Conservatory starting in 2005. A distillation of subsequent improvisation, sketches, performances and rehearsals resulted in this suite.

 The first piece features a performance in which I accompany a recording of myself, played at 1/2 speed inside the piano on a tape. I also prolong decays of notes using internal feedback tones, contact mics and walkie-talkies. I play most of this piece on the keys, emphasizing the range of the instrument, clustered chords and generative repetitive figures.  The score contains loose and open elements for improvisation.

The second piece utilizes materials like broken glass and metal, placed inside the grand piano.

The final piece includes long segments played on the lowest strings of the piano. 

I included the sounds of my most cherished vintage organ in the compositions as well. 

This suite represent a change in my usual studio-based approach. The pieces are almost entirely performed live by myself, with some minor post production studio interventions.

The recording was co-produced with Adam Sonderberg of Haptic.

The pieces were recorded at Electrical Audio in Chicago, with Greg Norman.