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Coming soon: Dissolution on Glistening Examples

My solo LP (and download), Dissolution, is scheduled to be released on Jason Lescalleet's Glistening Examples label in the late fall 2016. Limited special artist edition LPs will include layered 35mm slides from my collection, individually signed and packaged.


Dissolution is a reflection upon human “webs of significance,” and an investigation into the ways that electronic communications technologies, both past and present, facilitate, complicate and transmute the formation of these webs. Sounds of shortwave radio, municipal broadcast recordings, fragments of found microcassette tapes, field recordings and instruments dramatize the fragility and failures of communication and language in our everyday world.  Dissolution will be released on Glistening Examples in November, 2016.






Lesley Swanson-flute


Shaun Flynn -clarinet


Musicians were recorded at Experimental Sound Studio, Chicago, in January 2015. The session was engineered by Alex Inglesian.


NIST WWV recordings from http://swling.com


Thank you:


Jason Lescalleet, Seth Nehil




To Adam Sonderberg, without whom I could not have completed this project.