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Summer residencies: Notam in Oslo and Sanatorium of Sound, Sokolowsko, Poland

June 13-28 Oslo:

I am looking forward to working in the surround sound studio at Notam in Oslo, where I will create a 16-channel version of my recently completed piece, Dissolution (forthcoming on Glistening Examples, fall 2016).  The 16-channel version will premiere in the US in late 2016 or early 2017 (more info tba)

August 1-14 Sokolowsko, Poland:

Sanatorium of Sound commission:  I will complete a two-week residency at Sokolowsko, Poland, working on a site specific installation in a dilapidated sanatorium previously used for treating TB patients. Additionally, I will perform on August 13th at the festival.

Installation description: 

Open Air: sound and visual installation

by Olivia Block

August  2016

Sanitorium of Sound Festival, Sokolowsko sanatorium, Poland.

 Olivia Block will complete a two-week residency at Sokolowsko, creating a sound and visual piece for various rooms in the beautiful, dilapidated Sokolowsko sanatorium.

 Layered breath sounds will quietly emanate from multiple speakers, coalescing with the atmospheric sounds of the space like ghosts. Large curtains made from loosely woven cotton surgical gauze, will be suspended from the ceiling and over the windows inside the sanatorium. The curtains will catch the circulating air, billowing and floating—animating a flow of energy.

Open Air draws attention to the movement of air in various forms-- literally and metaphorically. The piece is inspired by the history of sanatoria, including related historical concepts of illness and transmission mechanisms and treatments of Tuberculosis.