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Yarn|Wire Premieres Calibration Circle

I am pleased to announce the premiere of Calibration Circle by the wonderful NY based ensemble, Yarn|Wire.

This event will be presented for members of The Arts Club of Chicago. The performance is on the evening of November 10th.

Here is a description of the piece:

Calibration Circle, by Olivia Block, composed for Yarn/Wire, utilizes techniques and “found” or archival documents from 20th Century cinema. Calibration Circle is, in a sense, a Foley score for an imageless film.

Percussionists will perform Foley sound to a video of a house demolition. Pianists will be reading vintage 35mm film leaders as scores, playing both the keys and the inside of the piano.

 Calibration Circle draws attention to the dominant nature of seeing in the world of the arts and cinema. Further, Calibration Circle offers the possibility for immersive sound worlds to eclipse those dominant visual aspects of art.