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Jul 28

LAMPO 132 Ranks at Rockefeller Chapel

I am really excited for my upcoming Lampo concert event. I will perform on the exquisite E.M.Skinner organ, blending live sounds with amplified processed sounds through speakers at Rockefeller Chapel on the University of Chicago campus. I owe much to Andrew Fenchel (Lampo), Elizabeth Davenport, Thomas Weisflog (Rockefeller Chapel)  and The Renaissance Society for facilitating this special event. Check the link below for more information. The concert is free.


Apr 29

Residency at Thatcher School in Ojai, California

I am pleased to announce my upcoming artist residency at The Thatcher School in Ojai. I will be working with experimental music students, shaping a site specific installation, and discussing concepts related to recorded sound, sound installation, and listening practices.

The residency culminates in my solo performance at Thatcher on April 29th.

7:00 pm19:00

Mixology at Roulette, NYC

So excited for the premiere of the 16 channel surround version of Dissolution B, developed during a NOTAM residency in Oslo at fantastic Roulette in NYC. I will be sharing the bill with the excellent sound artist Jason Lescalleet, who will also be mixing in the 16 channel speaker system at Roulette. Additionally, a multi-channel piece by the legendary Jim O'Rourke will be presented. There will be installations by Mario De Vega and Cecilia Lopez. This will be a special night of immersive sound. Hope you can make it.  More info to come.


8:30 pm20:30

Frequency Fest at Constellation

Frequency Fest starts this weekend! I am happy to be sharing the evening of Feb 18th with Quince Contemporary Vocal Ensemble.  Additionally, I will be presenting two pieces for voice and shortwave radio, performed by Quince and Carol Genetti. Description of these two premiere pieces is below. I will also be presenting a live mix of taped conversations and other found sounds from my collection.  Hope you can make it to the show. The entire festival program is excellent, and buying a pass is worthwhile. Thank you, Peter Margasak for curated this awesome festival.

Performed Interference

Shortwave radio and voice translation pieces by Olivia Block

1) Repeaters

For three vocalists and additional performer on shortwave radio/morse code translators

Performed by Quince vocal ensemble, Olivia Block

Live short wave broadcasts of morse code signals are typed into text by three electronic morse translators, then read aloud by three vocalists.

2) Olivia y/x

For solo vocalist and additional performer on shortwave radio/teletype interpreter

Performed by Carol Genetti, Olivia Block

Live short wave broadcasts of teletype (RTTY, Olivia MFSK) signals are translated and typed, then read aloud phonetically.

3) Untitled piece for found tapes

Solo piece performed by Olivia Block

Live mix of voices from micro cassette tapes and additional sounds. 

7:00 pm19:00

Block, Radigue at Second Edition Fest, Stockholm

I will soon return to the lovely Stockholm for the excellent 2017 Second Edition Festival. The most exciting news is that I am sharing the bill with the excellent ONCEIM, performing the Swedish premiere of Eliane Radigue's first work for orchestra, OCCAM OCEAN.

The entire festival program is outstanding. Check out the link for details and ticket info:


3:00 pm15:00

UPenn exhibition still up, performance and talk canceled

OI regret to announce that my performance on February 1st and talk, will be canceled due to a family emergency. We will reschedule for a later date.

Meanwhile, I have contributed a sound piece for the Landscape-Soundscape exhibition at Arthur Ross Gallery, where "photographs from Penn’s University Art Collection are paired with commissioned soundscape compositions."


Thank you Heather Moqtaderi and Eugene Lew for curating and inviting me to participate.

Jan 21

UNC Chapel Hill

I am pleased to announce my upcoming visit to the University of North Carolina Department of Music. On January 20th, I will discuss my work and facilitate a listening practice and improvisation workshop with students. On January 21st, I will present a live surround version of Dissolution B. If you are in the area I hope you can make it!

Check here for more details like exact times and locations:




8:00 pm20:00

Block Sonderberg at The Hideout

So happy to be performing with the outstanding Adam Sonderberg at The Hideout in Chicago, on Wednesday, December 14th. Talented locals Mike Weis and MT Coast are also on the bill. Should be an excellent night. Thank you Ben Baker Billington for the invitation to participate in the Resonance Series.

Check here for the details:


7:00 pm19:00

Boston: Non Event

  • Waterworks Museum

October 19th


Non Event series

At Waterworks Museum

I will present a live, site specific performance of two pieces: Dissolution (B), and Sonambient Pavilion, diffused through multiple speakers. 

Also performing, Animal Hospital (Kevin Micka)

Curated by Susanna Bolle, Non Event.

 Doors: 6:30pm, Performance: 7pm
Door: $15 general admission / $10 members/students

Oct 15

Winnipeg: Send + Receive

Winnipeg, Canada.

As part of the 18th edition of Send + Receive festival

I will give a talk about my work and current projects and present a live, site specific performance featuring multi speaker diffusion of Dissolution (B) (Forthcoming on Glistening Examples, November 2016)

Send + Receive is curated by Crys Cole.

Aug 14


  • Sokowosko Poland

Sanatorium of Sound commission: In August I will complete a two-week residency at Sokolowsko, Poland, working on a site specific installation in a dilapidated sanatorium previously used for treating TB patients. Additionally, I will perform on August 13th at the festival.

Here is a description of my installation:

Open Air: sound and visual installation

by Olivia Block

August  2016

Sanitorium of Sound Festival, Sokolowsko sanatorium, Poland.

 Olivia Block will complete a two-week residency at Sokolowsko, creating a sound and visual piece for various rooms in the beautiful, dilapidated Sokolowsko sanatorium.

 Layered breath sounds will quietly emanate from multiple speakers, coalescing with the atmospheric sounds of the space like ghosts. Large curtains made from loosely woven cotton surgical gauze, will be suspended from the ceiling and over the windows inside the sanatorium. The curtains will catch the circulating air, billowing and floating—animating a flow of energy.

Open Air draws attention to the movement of air in various forms-- literally and metaphorically. The piece is inspired by the history of sanatoria, including related historical concepts of illness and transmission mechanisms and treatments of Tuberculosis. 


7:00 pm19:00

ESS 30 year anniversary gala

I am honored to perform at the Experimental Sound Studio anniversary gala, where I will share the bill with some amazing artists--Ken Vandermark, Hal Rammel, Michael Zerang, and Jaap Blonk. I will perform a piece for inside-piano which I developed at ESS over the past several years. More info here

Jun 28

Notam, Oslo

I am looking forward to working in the surround sound studio at Notam in Oslo, where I will create a 16-channel version of my recently completed piece, Dissolution (forthcoming on Glistening Examples, fall 2016).  The 16-channel version will premiere in the US in late 2016 or early 2017 (more info tba) 

May 8


Sound Positions, curated by Christoph Cox, is a sound exhibition in CONTEXT NY, featuring a wonderful group of artists. The exhibition includes my piece for layered found recordings, List of Objects and Values.  

Check the times and locations on the link above.

Olivia Block, Lists of Objects and Values (2015), 11:03

This composition is constructed from a collection of 1980s and 90s microcassette recordings bought on ebay. Interested in the way people used microcassette recorders for keeping logs and documenting intimate conversations, Block noticed that many recordings resemble one another in terms of subject matter, style, and rhythm, and began looking for patterns. For this piece, she was drawn to recordings of people listing objects and monetary values. Block conceives these recordings as inadvertent expressions of what anthropologist Igor Kopytoff calls the “methodological fetishism” of things. Lists of objects become catalogs of waste during a decadent period in American history.
— Exhibition text
10:00 am10:00

Museum of Arts and Design

 Atmosphere for Enjoyment: Harry Bertoia's Environment for Sound curated by Shannon Stratton, is opening at The Museum of Arts and Design (Mad) in NYC.  The exhibition includes an excerpt recording (in stereo) and photos of Sonambient Pavilion, my multi-channel installation in Millennium Park, which premiered in November 2015.. The installation was created from the sounds of Harry Bertoia's Sonambient sculptures, located at the Aon Center in Chicago.

Ends Sunday, September 25th.

Sonambient Pavilion preview

Nov 30


Please join us for the OPENING on Saturday, November 7th at noon on the great lawn at the Pritzker Pavilion in Millennium Park.


Saturday 11/7:    Noon – 6P (event on the stage in the evening)
Sunday 11/8:      Noon – 8P

Saturday 11/14:   Noon – 8P
Sunday 11/15:      Noon – 8P

Saturday 11/21:   Noon – 8P
Sunday 11/22:     Noon – 8P

Composed by Olivia Block, and commissioned by Experimental Sound Studio, Sonambient Pavilion is a multi-channel sound installation that envelopes listeners at the pasture-like lawn of Millennium Park's Pritzker Pavilion. Sounds from two "sonambient" sound sculptures by Harry Bertoia (1915–1978) in the Aon Plaza on Randolph Street are amplified and electronically manipulated, then spatialized into the array of 50 loudspeakers above the Pavilion's lawn, creating a shifting, shimmering sonic architecture superimposed on the Pavilion's visual architecture.


November 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22
The Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park, Chicago

Sonambient Pavilion is presented by Experimental Sound Studio in partnership with the Chicago Architecture Biennial.

The Chicago Architecture Biennial seeks to convene the world’s leading practitioners, theorists, and commentators in the field of architecture and urbanism to explore, debate, and demonstrate the significance of architecture to contemporary society.

 This workshop is part of Chicago Artists Month 2015, the 20th annual celebration of Chicago’s vibrant art community presented by the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events. For more information, visit www.chicagoartistsmonth.org


 New Music USA

Graham Foundation

Leslie Bodenstein & Jason Pickleman 


9:00 pm21:00

ROOM40 Openframe: Three Days of Radical Listening in Stockholm


I will be presenting an immersive, surround-sound version of my new release, Aberration of Light for ROOM40 openframe: three days of radical listening . 


My performance will be at Oct 16th at Fylkingen gallery. The whole weekend looks great, so check out the link above to see the schedule. It will be a pleasure to share the bill with Lawrence English (AU), Andrea Belfi (IT).


Oct 16

EMS residency in Stockholm

I am looking forward to working in the excellent facilities at EMS. Additionally, the generous support of EMS has made it possible for me to travel and perform in Stockholm.

8:00 pm20:00

San Francisco Electronic Music Fest





I will be presenting an immersive, surround-sound version of my new release, Aberration of Light for the San Francisco Electronic Music Festival.

My performance is Sept 13, 2015, 8pm at Brava Theater Center, 2781 24th St, San Francisco with Doug Lynner, Kevin Blechdom & Aqulaqutaqu 

Check the link above for more info about the concert and the entire schedule for the festival.